Sunday, November 2, 2008

A conversation about Disney

While taking a taxi back from Orlando International Airport, I asked my cab driver how business was doing since Disney began operating its "Disney's Magical Express" in 2005.  The service, available only to guests of Disney hotels and resorts, makes it so guests simply board a bus while their baggage is collected and then delivered to their rooms while they head out to the parks and then delivered back to the airport and checked through to their final destinations.  He told me that it has completely wiped out all of his would-be customers going to Disney's property.  Ironically, the company that owns the taxi cab company he works for also happens to operate the "Disney's Magical Express," along with the transportation used to take Disney cruise passengers to and from the Disney property, airport and Disney's cruise terminal in Port Canaveral.  There was much opposition toward the airport shuttle service because it gave Disney an unfair advantage over taxi cab and limousine companies that now have to compete with Disney's complementary service.  This just shows how the mighty Disney has managed to get something else it wants even if it means hurting the little guy.

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