Monday, November 24, 2008

Draft #3

On friday, the class was returned our second drafts of the final paper. I made a good amount of changes from draft 1 to draft 2 but was not sure what to expect. I received the same grade on the second draft as i did on the first draft. I am happy about this result, as an 83 is a good grade. I have however, made more changes to my paper and plan on making this grade go up even further. So far the paper has been tough, but not too challenging. We have had a lot of time to work on this paper, which has made it much easier to write. The topics of our papers are very specific, and that has made it hard to find evidence. There is only so much materials on real estate in florida from 1900-1930. I have nonetheless found lots of information and plan on adding more to my paper. Im trying to take the suggestions on my paper and fix the problems. The one problem that i find hard to manage is dealing with the passive voice. After the first draft, a major problem was the tense issue, and i still have not sorted out that problem. I plan on going to TJ's for help with this. Overall, i feel confident in this paper and have actually learned a lot in writing it.

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