Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We're thisclose to being done with the semester, and suddenly it feels like everything is due immediately. I watched Tombstone this week and definitely liked it the best out of all the versions of the fight at the OK Corral, although I'd seen it before so that helped. Now I just need to find those questions....and as far as the paper goes, it's done, with the exception of some citations that I need to fix. Somehow when I did it last time it didn't save; that was great. We're done doing work now at the historical society, which is good. Really the most valuable thing I learned by working there is that I would not want to run a small historical society with little funding and no voluntary volunteers. So I'll cross that one off my list.

Writing this research paper has been an interesting experience because I have had to work a lot with primary documents, as there was no analysis of the history of music in Winter Park previously. I almost felt like an actual historian....almost. I wonder how in depth I could have made the paper if I had had more time to dedicate to the project; I do regret that I can't talk to the local schools both because I have no time and I have no space left in my paper. Oh well. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to getting this next week and a half over with.

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