Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Draft of Paper

The first draft was due on Friday so last week was an extremely busy week for me. I had to gather all my research and organize it into paper form. It was extremely busy becuase i also had to gather my final citations from the archives and other areas of research. Although it was stressful i managed to pull through and get it turned in on Friday. In my first draft i really emphasized the influences on housing. I talked a lot about how housing developments came about and how they grew in Winter Park. Some of these major influences on housing was the tourism that brought a lot of people to move to Winter Park which definately impacted the increase in housing along with the effects of the creation of Disney that opened up a lot of different opportunities like jobs in the area. On top of those influences just the beauty within Winter Park its self and the expansion of the small town in the early 1900's drew a lot of attention to this area in central Florida. Although this paper has been very stressful im glad that im through the process of gathering research and my first draft.

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