Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fire Department Field Trip

 Going to the Winter Park fire department was a real treat. The people representing the Fired Department, seemed very interesting and full of knowledge. We got to meet some amazing people and learn about some very interesting things. I am really looking forward to working further with them this semester. I couldn't believe that the people here are the ones who create and design the safety belts for ambulances. The 5-point safety harness we were introduced to seemed like a great creation. It will definitely save lives and make a couple peoples jobs much easier. It was hard for me to believe that such a small town Fire Station could be up to so much. This seemed to be a very big deal to me and really sparked my interest. I also found it interesting that the Fire Station in Winter Park has been around for over a hundred years. I liked how he spoke about 911 and how brave these firefighter were, but I thought it was great how because of that, many people donated and helped the Winter Park Fire Station along with many others all over the country.   Sometimes it is easy to overlook the job of a fire fighter and others in the same such field, but what they do is truly amazing. They risk their lives everyday to save others, and work for the town on Winter Park. I really admired and look up to these fire fighters and I am looking forward to working with them and learning things from them along the way. Firemen are of extreme importance to our country and are much appreciated.

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