Sunday, February 8, 2009


Listening to the fire chief this Wednesday, I learned a lot about Fire fighting, and how much these people are expected to do. While I knew that they were the ones expected to put out fires and run ambulances, I was surprised to find out that they were also supposed to clean up chemical spills and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. I also learned some history about the fire stations, such as that Benjamin Franklin was the first person to start a group of fire fighters in the U.S. The fire chief continued to ramble on about the history of the fire department in Winter Park, when he finally reached a subject of which he was particularly proud. It was the new design of the ambulance that the fire department helped create. The reason behind it was that most of the paramedics who sat in the back of the ambulance did not wear their seat belts because it stopped them from being able to help the injured. This resulted in deaths as they would be slammed into the sides of the ambulance when it made a quick stop. This surprised me as I didn't think of being paramedic as being a dangerous job at all. Finally when the fire chief was done with his spiel, we were able to look at the scrap books. It looks like a lot of work, as I thought that it would be more recent stuff instead of stuff that went back to decades ago. I am not looking forward to going back to the fire station in order to get some of the pictures and newspaper clippings to work on, as it was a long walk over there this morning.

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