Sunday, February 8, 2009


Fireman play a vital role in the safety of our country. This week we were privileged to be able to view the inside of the Winter Park Fire Station/ Police Department. In the fire department, there are many old scrap books full of old history, including pictures and articles, of the development of the fire department. These are available to anyone who wants to look at them. The only problem is that not very many people know about them because they are hidden away in the fire department.
The Winter Park fire department is responsible for engineering new ways to wear the seatbelt in a moving ambulance. Each year more and more fireman were dying in car accidents because they were not able to wear their seatbelt and help a patient at the same time. Now, because of the innovations made by the Winter Park fire department, fireman have harness seat belts that they can wear in the ride from the sight of the accident to the hospital, and still be able to help the person who is in need. This has helped fireman all over the country, and saved many lives.
The Winter Park Fire Department also explained about how after 911, after the brave fireman went into the towers to sacrifice their lives in order to save others, people all over the country were so grateful, that those people in Winter Park gave things to the Winter Park Fire Department. 
Fireman are very important to our country and save many lives every year. 

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