Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Fire Department

Last Wednesday we went to the Winter Park Fire Rescue Department where we briefly learned about the history of firefighting in the Orlando area, and although we didn't get to slide down the fire pole the experience was very informative. An interesting part that the class learned from this field trip was that the Winter Park F.D. was actually the catalyst for major changes in the design of ambulances that rendered many rescuers helpless and unrestanrained when they were trying to work on the victims on the way to the hospital. This department was instrumental in inniating a nationwide change in designing and creating ambulances created a safer and restrained environment for the rescuer who was working on the victim in the back of a moving ambulance. In addition to this we were also shown old newspapers and documents on the history of the department and heralded stories about past firefighters throughout the past century or so and their many contributions to the safety of Winetr Park and the Orlando area. Seeing these articles was helpful as we will have to similar types of documentation in our future projects and papers in class. Overall, was a informative field trip.

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