Sunday, February 8, 2009


Our field trip to the fire department on Wednesday was a very interesting, educational experience. I first was a little concern with this picture project. I thought well what is the point? I believed that Winter Park Fire Station is just any other Fire Department in the United States and why is digitizing their old photos so important. Plus, I can barely type up essays and papers let alone digitize something.
At the firehouse, which was very, very nice and modern, I learned so much about Fire Departments. For example, fire fighters not only fight fires but also are the EMTs and responders to emergency situations like care accidents. The captain continued to explain amazing historical facts about fire departments. Then he said that a lot of fire fighters (EMTs) die due to ambulances crashing and equipment in the back of the truck hitting them.
I could not grasp this idea that before Winter Park Fire Department initiated their Safe Rider Program, no other fire department thought or acted to make the ambulance safer. Winter Park Fire Department in conjunction with a company that mass produces ambulances came up with a design where the fire fighter can safely sit into the vehicle with a seat belt and be able to reach everything in the ambulance. Also, all of the equipment is secured so it will not fall. After I learned this amazing information, I realized that this fire station is not like any other typical fire station in the United States. Lastly, looking through the pictures it would be a very important to show the rest of the Winter Park community this history as well as the other Fire Stations around the United States.

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