Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks WPFD

On our field trip to the Winter Park Fire Department, we were given insight into what it means to be a modern day "fire fighter." This job title is actually a little misleading, as there is much more to it than simply putting out fires. The job requires firefighters to have training in various areas, including emergency medical treatment, and Hazmat. We also learned about advances in technology and innovations that have led to the development of safer ambulances. As it turns out, many firefighters are, or were, killed each year in collisions, as they were not properly restrained when traveling in the rear of the ambulance. I found it interesting that the Winter Park Fire Department had a crucial role in the design of these new, safer ambulances, that are now used all over the world. 
We were then introduced to our assignment of digitizing the FD's picture archive, which it seems is a big job. Maybe if I do a good enough job transferring the pictures, I could get a ride in the fire truck. That'd be sweet.

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