Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last weeks field trip  to the Winter Park fire department was very interesting.  We learned not only about the Winter Park fire department history but also the history of fire departments all over the world.  The Winter Park fire department was organized in 1900.  The department stated out slow in the beginning years due to little technology and resources in the department.  It wasn't until 1916 when the department got their first fire truck, or at least it was a motorized car that could carry hoses and ladders.  In 1973 the fire department took on the responsibility providing medical services.  The medical services tested out many types of transportation and it wasn't until recently a new ambulance was created with state of the art technology and highest of safety standards.  A lot of these new technologies can be credited to the Winter Park fire department and these new technologies are now being shared around the world with other departments.

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