Sunday, February 15, 2009

Library Learning and the Progressive Era

We went to the library on friday and were shown how to use the different equipment. Learning how to use the scanners and different programs was very beneficiary and is going to make our project with the fire station much easier. I was very tired during all of this friday morning, but I definitely understood all that she was telling us. I didn't have any problems doing it myself when she was done speaking. I am not looking forward to this project at all, walking back and forth from the fire station and the library sounds like it is going to be a real pain. I hope it is easier and more enjoyable than it sounds. We will see how it goes.
The progressive era started around the year 1900. Many small groups of people were impacting our country in big ways during this time. One small group was called the muckrakers, which were very opinionated investigative journalist. The nickname muckrakers was given to them by Theodore Roosevelt. It was not meant to be a compliment, but they definitively wear it as a badge of honor. There were many significant changes during this time such as income tax, women's suffrage, and with senators. All brought about by the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth amendments during this time.

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