Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday morning we had the opportunity to visit the library and learn the basics of digitally scanning pictures and articles for our WPFD project. The tutorial was definitely helpful for me, because I consider myself technologically challenged. We learned that there were two different options we could choose to execute this task and it all depended on what we aimed to do. Also, I learned how to handle old archival documents in a way that does not damage them. Basically, you're supposed to wear white gloves but if you don't have a pair of those lying around you can hold the document by the edges so as not to get any oil on them from your hands. The entire process seemed easy enough and I am confident that I'll be able execute what I learned when it is needed.
The Progressive Era began right at the turn of the century between 1899-1901. In a nutshell, the progressive era strived to reform the state in which our country had evolved into and reinstate a set of morals amongst the American people. Investigative reporters who were notorious for digging up corrupt material about social figures were nicknamed "muckrakers," which was not a compliment. However these reporters turned the negative term into a positive one, and took the label as a symbol of accurate journalism. The Hull House movement was also monumental in the advancement of women in the current society. They were established to take in those without the means to live and instruct them both in educational curriculum and social issues. Settlement houses began springing up all over America and became a pivotal aspect of the Progressive Era.

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