Monday, February 16, 2009


This week we went to the library to learn how to scan documents into the computer. The librarian showed us how the program worked from how to use the scanners and using the program on which it ran. She explained that in order to get good quality it is usually best to scan using color even if the picture is in black and white. She also explained that documents with both writing and pictures often do not go through well.
The Progressive Era began at the beginning of the 20th century. This period was marked by drastic changes in American society. There were many reformers during this era who worked to change America. This was mainly focused on the working classes working conditions and living conditions. At this time many reporters made it their goal to travel around the country and document the horrendous conditions these people lived under. While they were often looked down upon by the upper classes, they worked tirelessly to display the working conditions of these people to the general public. At the same time other reformers worked to improve the poor living conditions of the working class. There were also other changes such as the referendum, where the people could vote down legislation passed by their state congress, and Woman's Suffrage, where women in some states gained the right to vote.
I feel that this time was a turning point in American society. It took a turn away from big businesses and began helping the people. People began looking at the many problems America faced after the event of Industrialization and began to take steps to safeguard the American people. We can see the effects of this time period through such things as the 40 hour work week, the banning of child labor and the many safety regulations put in place to protect workers.

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