Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Bill v. Dever

This past week I completed my rough draft for my research paper. I decided to write about William E. Dever and Big Bill Thompson approach to dealing with prohibition. These two mayors had extremely different views on dealing with Amendment 18th. Big Bill Thompson was very corrupt; he developed a close friendship with Al Capone. Through my research, I discovered that when Big Bill died they found millions of dollars. The police never were able to trace it back to Al Capone but everyone is pretty sure that is where the money came from.
William E. Dever had a completely opposite approach in dealing with the 18th Amendment of Prohibition. Instead of aiding the gangsters in Chicago, he cracked down completely. He strictly enforced the law and stated at one of his conferences that not enforcing the law is being a traitor to the United States. What I found most interesting about Dever is that he personally did not agree with Prohibition.
Before I began my research, I thought it was going to be very difficult to find primary sources on these two mayors; however, I soon discovered that the New York Times database is a great website for primary sources. Also, thanks to Daniela’s pervious post, I found great primary and secondary sources on the Chicago Encyclopedia. Lastly, JSTOR and ProQuest provide great secondary sources.
I still have a lot of work to do on my research paper. I need to cite all of my sources, as well as, edit my entire paper. I was able to get a great start on this paper but I need more information and need to add about page to complete it. I appreciate the notes that Professor Chambliss emailed me about my rough draft and should be able to complete my paper with in the next two weeks.

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