Monday, March 30, 2009


This past week, i began to work on my paper. Unfortunately,after getting a lot written, I sent the title page alone in as my rough draft. This sucks, because now my professor thinks I didn't do any work on my paper. This is not true, I just did not realize that I sent the wrong document. Anyway, what I wrote on deals with Jazz, as I believe very little is told on the effect Jazz had on America. This to me is amazing as Jazz had many social impacts early on, even creating a subculture in America that we associate with it. In a way, Jazz to the 1920's is much like what rap is to the 1990's. While there is a large following of this type of music, there is also a faction of the population that finds the music to be something destructive to society. Both also have deep ties with the underworld, such as with drugs and prostitution. They have both spawned new vocabularies that are unique to the culture which followed. In this way and many more we can draw similarities from both.

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