Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three Strikes and You're Out!

Last week, I was dreading having to write my rough draft because it was just one of those weeks where I had something to do for every class! Well, it turns out that it went a lot better than I expected. I was aiming to get my whole paper written but time did not allow for that to happen but I was pretty proud that I got four pages written in one sitting. I must admit that the hardest and most time consuming part of the paper was finding the 20 sources, primary and secondary. Secondary sources are a lot easier to come across but I accessed the archives of the Chicago Defender and was able to get five articles. Sometimes it is hard to apply these sources to my paper but they do help me get some insight into the time period and the baseball industry.
I definitely learned a lot from writing this paper so far. I am happy that Dr. Chambliss told me I was off to a good start because at least that gave me encouragement. I was not really sure what to think of the material I had written but I guess it sounded better than I expected. Well, at least I have a solid thesis! :) I guess I just need to take it one step at a time.
I decided to discuss the topic of baseball in regards to racial segregation and gender inequality. Throughout the course of 50 years, African Americans were striving to find their place in the baseball industry, especially the major leagues. Women were given the chance to explore the baseball diamond as many men went off to war in the 1940s. Baseball owners were worried that the industry would lose popularity and not survive the war. Well, obviously as we see now, baseball maintained a great fan base.
On a side note, I must admit that I love the Encyclopedia of Chicago! It is a great source for secondary sources! YAY!

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