Monday, April 13, 2009

Chapter 29: "America During it's Longest War 1963-1974"

 This was an era run by former president Lyndon B. Johnson.  As stated in the book, although he lacked Kennedy's charismatic personality he did have other good attributes as well.  Johnson was skilled in gaining political funding for his expenditures like huge building projects that really helped cities in Texas and a lot of the the other states in the Southwest region of the United States grow economically.  Lyndon Johnson created the "Great Society", which gave national funded medical coverage to the elderly and poor.  In 1965 he also developed the The Voting Rights Act of 1965 "which created a a federal oversight system to monitor election procedures in the South, capped a long-term effort to end racial discrimination at the ballot box" (Pg.902).  
Probably one of the more memorable times in the 1960's was the Vietnam War which caused much controversy as many thought it was a war that shouldn't have been fought and was a war that the U.S. ultimately lost in.  With the addition of the military draft many resented the war and many movements evolved in direct relation to the war, such as the Counterculture Movement and also gave rise to the Black Power movement as well. Martin Luther King was also a very prominent man during this era as his strong, prolific views on equality and civil rights gave rise to the understanding that African Americans should be treated like all other people. 

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