Monday, April 13, 2009

Film: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

  Breakfast at Tiffanys, starring Aubrey Hepburn as Holly represents the epitome of how women were rising up during this era in history. More and more women were becoming more individualistic and independent as the second movement in women's rights began to occur.  Holly decided to move to New York City in efforts to make money for the herself and the family she left behind as her, and many people during this time thought that by moving to the city provided many prosperous opportunities.  The city as represented in the film exemplified the types of freedom that could be obtained by living in the city like sex, drugs, and popularity.  Materialism was also another necessity in this type of lifestyle but the problem was that not many people could afford these lavish lifestyles.  So in attempts to increase the movement of people into cities laws were made to create more affordable housing in cities for people that couldn't afford them.  This was definitely the case for Holly and Paul as they were both relatively poor people who didn't have good paying jobs so on occasion resorted to forms of prostitution or other illegal ways to earn money.  In all this movie showed the good and bad parts about trying to obtain a lavish city lifestyle. 

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