Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of the Semester

Personally, I really enjoyed working on a research paper based on Chicago topics.  I have never really learned about Chicago but it has been a pretty interesting place to learn about.  To be honest, when we were first given the research paper assignment I was not sure what to expect but it turned out to be a great experience.  Although I must say 20 sources seemed a bit excessive but having to read so many sources provided good insight when creating an analysis within the paper which TJs strongly encouraged.  Even though you don't have to cite all of them within the paper, they were helpful with background knowledge and what not.  I found that primary sources helped me create more defined views on the era, which enabled me to develop a thesis statement and provide thoughts to support my thesis.  
Based on our discussion on Friday about group papers, they are good due to having less responsibility.  On the other hand, it can be overwhelming because sometimes people do not take their part seriously which causes the team leader to take the brunt of things.  Overall, the movies were really interesting and I enjoyed watching them because I would have never watched those movies on my own time.  I really enjoyed watching "Chinatown" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's."  Although answering the same questions every time gets a bit repetitive even though the papers are about different movies.  I am not really sure how to change that aspect of the assignment but I thought I would throw that out there because it is something that came to mind when writing the papers.  It would also be great to that this film papers earlier on in the semester because having two fall in the middle of April was stressful because there is a lot going on in every class at that time.  Plus we had to turn in our scanning project and research papers.  

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