Saturday, April 25, 2009


After completing the scanning project I now have a new appreciation for the Winter Park Fire Department. I was able to follow their hard work over the years. I was able to see that they are a necessity for the city to grow and survive. Much of their work goes un-thanked and unappreciated. It was especially interesting to read about fires that had occurred on the Rollins College campus which is not only historically significant for the fire department but for myself, as a student at this college. One of the fires had been located in a dormitory that lacked in fire prevention. The dormitory had faulty fire extinguishers, bad or no ventilation in the rooms, as well as the number to the wrong fire department. Students acted quickly to the fire and when the correct fire department was reached it only took them ten minutes to respond to the call. Luckily there were no casualties only destroyed belongings in the room in which the fire started. The other fire that occurred on the Rollins College campus was located in the old gymnasium. The wooden gymnasium built in the 1920’s did not survive the fire.

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