Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Florida ... a great state!

I attended two separate talks about Florida’s history for extra credit. I was shocked about how much I did not know about Florida. I was born in Canada but I moved to Wellington, Florida (where the 21 horses died last week) when I was one year old. The only year I learned about Florida was in Fourth Grade and I absolutely hated. I saw no value and learning about the state when there was way more interesting information to learn – like wars and imperialism.
These two lectures proved to me that learning about your own state’s history is actually important. Learning about history is important so you do not repeat past mistakes and you can look back and analyze what worked and what did not work. History always repeats itself. For example, one of the causes of the Great Depression was Florida’s housing market crash. Currently, the United States is in a recession and Florida’s housing market is in serious jeopardy.
I am interested on how we would incorporate learning about Florida in Rollins curriculum. 60% of Rollins students are from out of state. I am not sure they would be to happy or excited to learn about Florida. Most of them will probably go back to their home states after they graduate. I believe this is a subject that should be focused more on in high school and middle school. One year of Florida education in Fourth Grade is not enough; however I do not think it that it should be a major focus here at Rollins. I do believe that we should offer gen eds surrounding Florida but it should not be incorporated in every class or be its own major.

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