Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Something About Everything

Even though this course was not easy, it was a great learning experience. I truly did learn about American history, more than I ever thought I would want to learn. It turns out American history is not that boring. I was hoping for an easy class but that did not happen. I think it made me work harder and learn more because it is not always about taking the easy way out.
Well, there are some things about the course that I would change. The quizzes are a little hard. It is pretty discouraging going into a quiz knowing that you are going to fail with a very slim chance of passing. Having hard quizzes every week gets a little depressing especially a few weeks into the semester. The upsetting part is that these quizzes take 5 points off your test grade, which is a lot of points. Then it continues a negative cycle because going into a test starting at a 95 causes unnecessary stress.
The textbook was an easy read but "Big Shoulders" was pretty boring at times. It was very informative but not the most exciting book to read. Lectures were very entertaining and I really liked the video clips...nice touch! I must admit it was pretty high tech!
I also think developing a somewhat personable relationship with students can make the classroom atmosphere a lot more fun and enjoyable. Personally, I like to feel comfortable when approaching a professor because it is nice to have that personal relationship and attention.

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