Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guest Speakers

I really enjoyed going to listen to guest speakers! Of course, getting extra credit was a great incentive but the speakers were very knowledgeable! Michael Gannon may be an elderly gentleman but he was an AWESOME speaker! He had great inflexion in his voice and was very passionate about Florida! I felt kind of embarrassed that I really only learned about Florida in the 4th grade. It is pretty sad because I do not really know much about this large state. Mr. Gannon definitely deserved the award because he truly is a genius in regards to Florida history. On another note, it was great to see Rollins and University of Florida professors interact with each other. I think it would be great if Rollins teamed up with state universities, especially to give students different perspectives.
The professor from the Midwest, I believe North Dakota was also a very entertaining speaker. He knew how to keep his audience engaged by not blabbing on and on. I really appreciate when speakers recognize that their audience is interested but too much detail can be a bit overwhelming. I think Professor Chambliss does a great job with getting speakers to come to Rollins! :) It definitely shows that you really care about having people share ideas with Rollins students and faculty which is very important.

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