Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lots of Projects ... eeekkk

This past week I completed my scanning project, I almost finished my research paper and I watched Blade Runner. I have a few questions about the scanning project. I summarized all of the articles and included the date and location in the summaries; however I am unsure on how to save these paragraphs. I wrote them all on one word document and just bolded the article titles. Do you want them just like this or do you want the article and then underneath the article the picture? I am not sure how to format this assignment.
I worked very hard on completing my research paper this week. I am finding it difficult to find ten primary sources and successfully inserting them into my paper while still keeping the paper flow. I found a great cartoon about how the Anti-saloon league gained so much popularity. I am having no problems finding pictures; however I desperately want to find articles about my topic in order to avoid submitting a picture book. Currently, I have two pictures in my paper. I believe these two pictures greatly add to my research paper. I need four more primary sources in order to complete this paper. My TJ’s appointment is on Tuesday!
Lastly, I watched Blade Runner this week. I thought this would be by far the best movie we watched in class; however it really was bad. It did not hold my attention and I am finding it difficult to write about my questions, especially the class distinction question. The only thing I noticed that had anything to do with class was the Chinese in the movie. They seemed to be constantly on the streets and not as well off as the white people. I know that this movie was filmed in the mid 80’s so I still need to do research on what was economically going on during this period.

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