Monday, May 4, 2009

Exam 3 Thoughts

I never thought that a 100 level final take home exam would take so much time and be so difficult. I found it difficult to incorporate all of the articles in the paper and have my paper flow and not be a scramble of events and ideas. I never realized though how much the Untied States has changed and accomplished over those sixty years. Through this take home exam, I was able to put both the women’s rights movement and the Civil Rights movement in some perspective. However, incorporating around thirty different sources for one less than eight page paper was intense!
What I learned through this assignment – First, I learned that it was not that long ago that both women and African Americans were completely discriminated against. I always knew the dates and the facts – I love history – however it was not until this assignment that I really understood that it was around fifty years ago that all of these impressive movements took place. Second, I made a connection between the current movement for gay rights and the Civil Rights and Women’s Movement. Are we going to look back in fifty years and say wow I can not believe we treated the gays like that as we do now looking back on the treatment of African Americans and women?
I also learned the importance of looking towards video and film for reference about the time period. I thought the film assignments were stupid at the beginning however I did learn a lot from them. I also learned (and enjoyed) watching the old television shows for this assignment.

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