Monday, May 4, 2009

History is important

The action of the United States during the Cold War further explains the current anti-American feelings through out the world. The United States’ foreign policy during the Cold War compared to now is completely different. During the Cold War the United States believed that if you are an enemy of our enemy you are our friend. We aligned ourselves with non-democratic actors in order to further beat the USSR. Our current foreign policy is being the democratic policemen of the world. We are trying to democratize states, such as Iraq, because they will be more favorable towards us; but, actually because of the major one-eighty in foreign policy the rest of the world does not understand the United States policy.
I believe it is very important to look at the past to determine the future. History is a very important subject and can be usefully and not only politics but every aspect of life. If policymakers look towards the past more then there will be less problems. I am very happy to have taken this class to get a better understanding of the United States actions in the past, so when I analyze the United States political behavior I can compare the current behavior to past events and behavior.

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