Monday, May 4, 2009

class in general

I enjoyed coming to class. I liked the different songs that were played before class each morning. And I liked the cute animals that were put on the slides of the quizzes, I do not know why everyone was so against them. But I did like how towards the end of the semester we did not have anymore quizzes. Thank you!
One thing that I particularly liked about the class was the use of video clips to enhance the learning process. Lecture style can get stale after a while, but the use of the video clips and pictures to actually show us what was being talked about was helpful. One of the videos that we watched that sticks out in my mind is the video about the African American running for office. It showed his struggle, but his hope in the people to elect him, and his eventual success through perseverance.
I also liked the casual but still educational feel of the class. While taking notes I could eat my breakfast without getting yelled at. In my 8 am that was before this class, my teacher ran a tight ship and would not even allow his students to eat breakfast during class.
As a teacher I liked the fact that you did not show favoritism of any sort to the students in the class.

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