Monday, May 4, 2009

research paper

I prefer having papers to write over having multiple tests to take. When given a paper to write I can do it on my own time and not be rushed to do it all at once (unlike cramming for a test the night before). The research paper I wrote on Women's reform in Chicago I found to be very interesting. I did not realize that such interesting, history changing events had taken place there. In the City of Chicago was where Jane Addams lived and Built the Hull House for women to find a place to go. A place to find more for their lives and not live secluded to the home. In the time of Jane Addams many women were looking for an identity that was not just their motherhood, and wanted to live careers.
While writing my research paper I learned how to research old articles in the New York Times newspaper, by asking the man at the help desk in the library. The databases were much easier to use than I had expected, and I will continue to use them, now that I know how to, and see that they are readily available.
When writing my paper I did the whole thing in endnotes, and later realized that it was supposed to be in footnotes. I am not very computer savy, but I figured out how to convert them to footnotes.
After writing my paper, it sounded very feminist, which is like the exact opposite of me. But I enjoyed writing about the important women, and what they contributed to the corruption of the city of Chicago. Not only did they help with the corruption, but they began to hold goverment positions that were notable to the feminist community. Many women who were activists came from the city of Chicago, and went on to do great things for the women of America.

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