Monday, May 4, 2009

scanning project

The scanning project was very interesting. Every time I went to the fire department to pick up some articles/pictures or take some back I had to talk to a few different people before they knew why I was there. And I particularly appreciated the little old man who sat at the front desk and told me I was pretty every time I went in. 
The project itself was relatively painless. I enjoyed reading the articles and learning some history about the city of Winter Park and the fire department. I especially liked the article I read about the Fire Hazard dolls. It was interesting to see how people in the 60s reacted to a 'situation' such as that, and it was heart warming to see how much they cared.
The actual scanning of the project was tricky at first. I didn't remember how to do it because I had procrastinated doing it for so long that I forgot. But a nice lady from the IT desk came and showed me how to do it. However, I kept messing up the angle and having to redo it. Eventually I got it down and could do it pretty straight, and I'm sure next time I have a project that I have to scan something, I will be able to do it no problem. 
The only thing that I did not like about the scanning project was the fact that we had to walk all the way to the fire department. I got a ride some of the times, but one time I had to walk all the way there and it was really hot! But that was a small price to pay I suppose.
Anyways, I enjoyed the scanning project all in all.

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