Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Post

I am relatively familiar with blogging, since i took the other section of this class last fall. I wasn't sure if our blogs were supposed to begin this week or next week, but figured i'd play it safe and post something. And unless I'm not reading the site correctly, (which i'd like to think i am) I'm the first one to leave a comment. The first thing i'll say is in regard to Chapter 1. Since I took US History 1877 - last fall, I feel I have a good knowledge of that chunk of the timeline. Now I'm interested in getting into some of the details of early US History. Plus, I have always considered the immediate years preceding and following 1776 to be my favorite. Im confident that learning more about these events will help me to become a more patriotic person - even though i do already consider myself to be patriotic. Finally, I spent my last semester in California - where i was able to learn about the state history, and culture. In addition i am from Pittsburgh, and have learned and experienced northeast culture my whole life. Now, i am anxious to learn more about Florida and the south.

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