Sunday, September 27, 2009

Forida's role in the Civil War

Many of the bases for the Civil War were stationed in upper Florida. My research paper will focus primarily on Florida's role in the Civil War highlighting things such as Florida's position in the civil war, how they produced weaponry, and incorporating the thoughts and actions of some of the generals that served during this war. One of my primary sources are letters written by Augustus Henry Mathers who was a part of the Florida Regiment. He was an assistant surgeon so he heard many of the stories from people fighting in the war and was at the center of many of the battles. I chose these primary source because it gives a personal insight to things we would not be able to get from reading other stories about the civil war. It helps us understand how some of the people in Florida felt about the war and also helps tie in emotions and actual day to day activities that people engaged in while the war was going on. The letters that he wrote ranged from 1861 to 1862. They talked about him working in infirmary, the extent of the injuries, some of the conversations he had with the soldiers, and at times his personal input on the war and the status of the Union at that time.

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