Sunday, September 27, 2009

fort st mark

One of my primary sources is an article describing the Siege of St. Augustine. The article talks of the battle that was led by the British general Oglethorpe. The battle that took place was between the English and the Spanish. The British were coming in from Charleston and were trying to capture the Spanish city of St. Augustine. St. Augustine was the main port the Spanish had in Florida and if the British over threw the fort and the city, essentially Florida would be theirs. If Florida became theirs they would control a very profitable port and the Spanish would be out of America. The British attacked Fort St. Mark but the fort could not be overtaken. The fort was built of coquina which absorbed cannon balls. After the failed mission, the British retreated. I chose this article because it is a primary source and it applied to my subject of the research paper. This source tells me that Fort St. Mark was crucial to the Spanish maintaining control of property in the new World.

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