Monday, September 7, 2009

How race defind Florida

Constructing Floridians by Danial Murphee shows the first issue with race in the new world. In the early 1500's when European explorers first encountered Indians from the Americas, the differences between both groups were immediately a factor. The Europeans viewed themselves as a higher more civilized race of human beings. When the Europeans first landed in the new world they described it as a mythical paradise plentiful with flowers, springs, and soil. The more they explored the territory they discovered the natives of the land. These People were not like them, they were darker of skin color, worshiped pagan Gods, dressed in animal skins that only covered their private parts, had lax sex practices, and spoke a different language. The Europeans viewed the differences between them as the Indians inferiorority to them. While more Europeans came to colonize the area they tried to convert these barbaric savages into good Christian Europeans. When that failed, violence broke out on both sides. This violence scared the colonial Floridains and in turn they distanced themselves from these barbaric Indians because of their appearances, beliefs, and savage nature. This racilization defined the relationship between Indians and Europeans until the 20th century.

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