Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spanish colonies in Florida

The Spanish were the first explorers to reach the New World. Ponce De Leon was the first explorer to claim the region in 1513. He was followed by numerous other Spanish explorers like De Soto. They explored the region and reported it as a mystical beauty. They made relations with the natives and had a chance for a cultural exchange. However with such different cultures a friendly exchange of beliefs is unlikely. The Spanish seeing themselves as superior expected the Indians to convert to their religion and become less barbaric and more civilized. The Spanish built numerous missionaries across the new world in order to convert more natives. Some natives converted, however most stayed true to their own beliefs. Although the Spanish had a long lasting conflict with the natives, they also established the city of St Augustine. This city experienced all the hardships of all new colonies famine, war, and disease but it survived. The Spanish I feel were the most successful because they had the first stable colony in the New World, were also the first to explore the terrain, and made first contact with the natives.

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