Sunday, September 13, 2009

Most Successful Empire in Florida's Environment

Florida contained many harsh environments. They were difficult to cope with and even more dangerous to settle in. The English, French, and Spanish all had they're share of success. The British became the empire that won the state in the end. Although they may of ended with the land, I believe it was more due to timing and the military, not adjusting to the environment. The French took the approach of trading and becoming friends with the natives. This may have been a good approach, but the French didn't have the people or power to conquer Florida. I believe the Spanish were the most successful at adjusting to it. Although they had their share of problems with the natives, they in time became successful by not becoming friends with the natives, but rather going to war with them. This approach may not seem to be adjusting to the environment as you and I would perceive it but to them at that era, they were coping with Florida the only way they knew how. Florida today still remains largely a Spanish community. This is no coincidence, Spain was well equipped and had the man power to overcome the obstacles in Florida and succeed.

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