Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spaniard Success

It’s safe to say that the English, French, and Spaniards all had some level of success in Florida. All three empires found it extremely difficult to cope with Florida’s environment and the Natives. Out of the three empires, Spain was the first to make it to Florida. When the Spanish landed in Florida, they realized the potential that this new land posed to them. Missionaries were sent from Spain to Florida so that they could convert the Native Americans to Christianity, in order to control all of the area and to prevent any attempt of colonization by any other country. The Spaniards did not treat slavery the same as the English and French, because of this, they were fortunate enough to build ties and a fighting force with those Natives who were fleeing from white encroachment. Another piece of evidence that shows the Spaniards success is the fact that the name that they gave this peninsula is still in use.

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