Sunday, September 13, 2009

English Empire

By far, the English were the European power that had the most succesful adaptation to Florida and its inhabitants partly because they were the last group of people to come to Florida. They learned from the mistakes that the French and Spanish made and they were great in areas where the Spanish and the French were only mediocre. The English took advantage of the fact that there were already inhabitants, the Native Americans, who knew the land. They made alliances with the Indians instead of killing them off or making brutal attempts at converting them. Through these alliances they were able to haa a very lucrative trade emerege and were able to profit from the Indians.They were also more succesful because they were able to look past many of the differences between themselves and the Natives although they did make attempts at racialization. The greatest advantage that the English has was the fact that they knew what to expect because of previous exploration of the land. The Spanish and the French went to Florida with a distorted perspective only to find that things were way different than what they expected. The English were able to benefit from this because they knew already what to look forward to, what the land was like, and what the people were like. Also, the English had better human and material resources for settling in Florida as a result of previous knowledge. By recognizing these factors it is safe to say that the English were the empire that adjusted to Florida the best and were the most successful because of it.

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