Sunday, September 13, 2009


Saying the empire most successful at adjusting to the Florida environment isn’t exactly the way I would explain what occurred. I would say the empire that made the Florida environment adjust to them were the Spaniards. The Spaniards came to Florida and once they realized things were not as they were made out to be they got down to business. They were in for the long haul which meant they needed a plan to cope with the “pesky” aggressive Indians. They decided to send missionaries to force upon the Indians their culture. If the Indians did not comply, they would kill them so either they died or went along with the Spanish. This established who held the power and the Indians realized that their options were limited to compliance once the missionaries showed up. The Spanish made the environment adjust to them which allowed them to control Florida. I am not saying that this was the best way to take charge but they adjusted the best by dominating their surroundings. The French and English were not as forceful and therefore not as much of a presence. The English were more democratic in their ways of coping with natives which didn’t get them as far as the Spanish. The French did not agree with how the Indians behaved but they still used Florida as a pit stop on their trade from the Caribbean up through the Mississippi. The French did the best at using the state as form to keep money flowing. Although they utilized the state they did not directly impact it nor make the environment adjust. The Spanish also were not involved in internal and external conflict across the sea. The English were trying to hold their country together and the French were trying to defend themselves from other zealous countries. The Spanish took charge and that is why they made the biggest impact on Florida.

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