Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spanish Success In Forida

Even though there were three empires - English, French and Spanish - that arrived in Florida, I believe that the Spanish Empire was the most successful of the three. It is true that all three empires struggled with the conditions of the environment and the natives but it was the Spaniards that arrived at the peninsula first. They were the first ones to interact with the natives and the first ones to share Christianity in the region. The English and the French established trades with certain native tribes but like the Spanish they also ended up killing some of those tribes because of their racialization views and beliefs. The Spaniards was able to organize missionary projects in Florida in order to convert the natives into Catholicism. The Spaniards was also able to establish a settlement in the new land. The French and English was just visitors at Florida, they just came and left but the Spaniards was the ones who stayed and built on what they started.

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