Friday, September 11, 2009

The Spanish Empire: The most Successful in Adjusting to Florida

Although the French and English empires were both successful in adjusting to Florida, The Spaniards were the strongest. They arrived there first and were the most efficient in using the land and natives there to their advantage. The Spanish were the first to come to Florida and establish some semblance of organization. They were the first to really get things started, and the first to have contact with the natives. The Spaniards started bringing their religion to Florida and tried to get the natives involved/to convert and were semi-successful. They put in the first efforts to somewhat civilize the natives and bring their culture over. The Spaniards essentially were the ones to start off Florida, and the other empires such as the English and French just built off of what the Spaniards started. There would be no way of knowing how Florida would have turned out if the Spanish weren't the first to come to Florida, but their efforts to work with the natives and the land certainly were a leading factor in how Florida started and turned out, and were the dominating empire in Florida.

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