Sunday, October 4, 2009

Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin

Initially coming into this project I did a substantial amount of complaining and bickering when we actually confirmed when the papers and the presentations for the project were due. After I came to the relaization that I had no other choice but to do the project it actually was not all that bad. The pros to the project were that Ketchum's book was an easy read and it wasn't as monotonous as history books usually are, the fact that the presentation only had to be ten minutes made it alot easier to compile, and the fact that it was a group project made the task a whole lot easier because the work was able to be split up. The cons of the project I would have to say is the fact we only had four days to complete the project (although I can't complain because some of the groups only have two days to prepare the paper and the presentation and other people's group members were not able to help them at all on the paper or the presentation), and finding other sources for the paper made it more difficult but not to the point that it was stressful. Another plus about this project was that I had the best group partner!! (Go Meredith) and also that the bulk of the presentations got pushed back to Monday so that gave more time to stress about it and who doesn't like to stress? Hahaha. It wasn't all that bad we researched the figure and then wrote the paper and after doing that we created a powerpoint so in the end it wasn't all that bad of an experience.

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