Sunday, October 4, 2009

Colonel Pierce Long

The field report was a difficult process. The person I had was in a sense a non mentionable in the overall l history of the battle of Saratoga so finding out his story and making it 6 pages was a difficult task. Colonel Pierce Long was not really famous so even finding out his role in the battle was difficult. Also there was only one prompt question asked so that made it even more difficult. In fact Colonel Long is so “un Famous”, which is not a word, that he is only mentioned once when you search him on Google, or any other database researching tool. Primary and secondary sources to the book Saratoga were out of the question. Usually he was only mentioned as the colonel to someone who joined the New Hampshire regiment. Overall, the process was alright I just wish that the person I was doing the field report on was a little easier to find information for. The impression I got from the colonel was that he was a pushover who could not lead his regiment. The made the Americans seem ignorant and dumb and if the Americans didn’t win the battle of Saratoga he would be partly to blame because he really messed up. He was careless and lost people and provisions which were both necessary items at the time.

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