Sunday, October 4, 2009

Major General Riedesel

This report was really difficult, because Riedesel, although a figure in both the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the battle of Saratoga, wasn't as featured as some other figures. However, the library had a few interesting books on both him and his family that helped a lot. One book, Baroness von Riedesel and the American Revolution, was really interesting because it told a lot of the events from the book Saratoga through the eyes of General Riedesel's wife, including the letters she wrote to people like the general and her mother, back in Europe. It also gave details of the beginnings of both Riedesels, giving us a background for the general to work on, and what happened to the Riedesels post-Saratoga. It was really interesting to see the battles and the hardship from the eyes of a non-soldier, but someone who was still very much involved in what was happening. It's just amazing how this woman followed the campaign all the way from Canada to Saratoga, with three children! Another great book was Memoirs of Major General Riedesel, which held letters and journals from the general himself, which gave insight into his thoughts of the events going on around him.

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