Sunday, October 4, 2009

Major General Friedrich Adolphus Riedesel

I found the field report to be a fairly simple process and a basic research report. There was not a very large extent of detailed information about the Major General Riedesel in Saratoga , however it laid out a basic foundation for my research and the information in the book as a whole was very useful. At first, my partner and I struggled to understand exactly what was necessary to be included in our report. There is generally a lot of information out there about the Saratoga Campaign, Fort Ticonderoga, and biographical information about Riedesel. Our question was specifically asking us to focus on the Major General's feelings towards General Burgoyne and the state of the german troops during his campaign. This was were most of the focused research was directed and we tried to get specific details. After we felt we had covered our main focus, we laid out a general biography of the Major General, his campaign history in the American Revolution, the German soldiers part in the American Revolution, and the general history of the Saratoga campaign. It was not difficult to find sources about the subject with all of the research databases and references that are offered in the library.

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