Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rose Cottage Chronicles

The most interesting primary source that I have thus far for my research paper is a compilation of letters and diary entries from the members of the Bryant- Stephens families who lived in Florida during the time in which the Civil War took place. This source is interesting because although it is only taken from a select number of people it captures what the whole area is going through at the time. The struggles of these families, the women watching their sons and their husbands go off to fight against their own country, being under pressure from the Union are all things that everyone in Florida was going through at the time that the war was taking place. These letters highlight the tragedies that continue to happen over and over again worsening as the war escalted farther and farther into Florida and the Unions attempts to seize control of Florida become stronger. This is the most interesting primary source because you get a first hand account of what the people are going through and how it takes a toll on their lives and their families. It is also a good source beause there is more than one letter and more than one diary entry so you can follow how the war affects people over almost the entire duration of the war.

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