Monday, October 12, 2009

Secondary sources

I will discuss the secondary sources in my paper discussing racism in the Florida south. The majority of my secondary sources consist of academic journals. The majority of my sources such as Cheek, Gary C., Jr. "Creeks and Southerners: Biculturalism on the Early American Frontier." American Indian Quarterly 32.2 (2008): 226-9 discusses racism in the south in a Native American and European perspective. This kind of first and third person perspective is important in my sources in order to give the reader an understanding of the culture and an insight into the reality of the Native American culture. The main point of my secondary sources is to show what went wrong in terms of both cultures and give reasons why both cultures were too different from each other in order to reach a cultural understanding. I want to explore by using my secondary sources the reasons why the Europeans regarded the Native Americans as inferior, unintelligent, and barbaric. This racism may give me insight in my sources why the King and Queen of Spain's twisted form of Catholicism wreaked havoc upon their people, and eventually, the Native Americans. I will use sources describing both sides in order to provide strong evidence of racism from both sides of the Europeans and the natives. I want to reach a point with my sources a reason why both sides felt unnecessary hatred for each other. In order to understand the cultural disrespect the countries of France, England and Spain felt towards the natives, I will use examples from Murphree, Daniel S. Constructing Floridians. 1st ed. Florida: University Press of Florida, 2006 in order to illustrate my point. I will describe the situation each European nation in Florida struggled with concerning their settlement in Florida, their first thoughts of the natives and reasons why they worsened. I will have to have a deep understanding of the European culture in my sources in order to describe the deep seated hatred the Europeans felt. I will find examples why Catholic conversion failed and why it escalated to war against pagan religions in which deviated from the core of Christianity’s beliefs. I will describe the attempts the French had with fur trade and negotiation, and the attempts the British had at civilizing and educating the Native Americans and why that ultimately failed. That is what i will include from my sources in my research paper.

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