Monday, October 12, 2009

Secondary Sources

I am putting a research paper together on the subject of Florida's role in the civil war. More specifically Pensacola in the civil war, some of the roles of women in the civil war, and also The Battle Of Olustee which is one of the important battles of the civil war that occured in Florida. I have three or so books that highlight Florida as a whole in the civil war process. I also have two other books that are dedicated specifically to the area of Pensacola and the war efforts that went on there including their forts and some of their major generals. I also have one book that is totally dedicated to the Battle of Olustee including how it started and the effect that it had on Florida and also the civil war and how it was named one of the most influential battle of the civil war. There are also books on women during this time and what jobs they were assigned during the civil war and also how they were looked upon and what was expected of them from their male couterparts.

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