Sunday, October 11, 2009

Secondary Sources

I am doing my research project on The Calusa Indians, more specifically their interaction with the Spaniards. The Calusa were one of the most aggressive and powerful tribes in Florida. They lived in South Florida and lived by fishing and hunting. They had a complex government system and but had no use for agriculture. This civilization was one of the first visited by the Spanish. The Spanish thought they were extremely aggressive people and tried civilizing them by converting them to Catholicism. Two of my secondary sources are websites. They are "The History of Shelling on Sanibel Island" and "South Florida Archaeology and Ethnography at the Florida Museum of Natural History." These two websites give background information on the Calusa. It describes how they lived and used the land to survive. Its a good source because it allows me to describe what kind of people the Calusa were. Missions to the Calusa Is a book describing the missions trips the Spanish took to the Calusa to convert them. This is a good secondary sources because its full of primary sources that are letters from the spanish describing their trips to the Calusa. At first I found it difficult to find my sources. But after I began to find a few, the rest followed because they were all built around another.

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