Sunday, November 1, 2009

Document Adventure

For my paper on Racism in Florida, I found a number of appropriate documents. For my primary sources, I found eleven books, such as Marjory Stoneman Douglas' "The Everglades: River of Grass", and Micheal Gannon's "The History of Florida". The books I found were in the Olin Library at Rollins. I also found fourteen academic journal secondary sources and one book in under a RefWorks search. Racism is cited in those sources depending on which side is viewed as the perpetrator. Some of the sources portray Europe, especially Spain and England. The secondary sources consist of academic journals that contain valuable information on the natives and the prejudice that condemned them. My sources contain valuable information on the culture, religion, and war values the natives of Florida had. I will provide information regarding the settler's point of view, cultures, and national values in which they tried to implement on the natives out of fear. I have information in my sources about the methods in which the natives were attempted to be civilized by the European countries who felt the natives were unchristian and evil. I will show in my primary and secondary sources prejudice within the European settlers who went from respecting the Native Americans to despising their culture and religion. I will also include instances of native prejudice against settlers who were looking for peace and order within Floridian tribes. My main point in my sources is to explain why both sides misunderstood each other and lacked sufficient ways of developing peaceful alternatives to war. I have the resources that back evidence from a European standpoint that, indeed, some natives were uneducated, violent savages in regard to their mistreatment of French soldiers. I will point out reasons in my sources concerning a lack of peace and wisdom among both European and native leaders that sparked controversy for their uncivil mannerisms and lack of regard for human life. My sources will provide explanations why both side failed to provide peace and understanding because of lack of respect and racial tension.

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